Tuesday, April 8, 2008

1. Mandelsplitter (Bio)

Today was Day 1 of this tasty experiment, with the Mandelsplitter (Slivered Almonds) from the "Bio" line as inaugural flavour.

It is made out of organic ingredients from all over the world: cacao from Ecuador, Peru & Nicaragua, almonds from Australia.

I have never been a fan of organic stuff - mainly because I am an ignorant fool who wouldn't know their obvious benefits even if they punched me in the face while wearing brightly coloured tutus. In fact, I am still recovering from the shock after discovering that the Bio (Organic) line is different from the Diãt (Diet) line. What? Who? Where?

Plus, I can be quite the cheapo. Just like any other organic product, the Bio line is a tad more expensive: the 65 g Bio bar for 99 cents, as opposed to the 100 g regular bar for 85 cents. I'm not sure I can handle that.

Sweetness: 4 out of 5

It was quite a lovely level of sweetness, sugary enough to give my taste buds a sassy little shake after a very filling lunch that tends to lull the little fellas into a somber mood. Nice balance.

Texture: 2.5 out of 5

I can't put my finger (or tongue) on it, but the chocolate itself had a slightly different texture from the Ritter Sport that I have grown used to. It just didn't seem as "glossy" and perfect.

The almond bits were chopped up a bit too finely for my taste. You know those mildly annoying tiny sandy pebbles that get stuck in your shoe? It was kind of like biting on that, just that only a demented person would nibble on tiny sandy pebbles.

I prefer to take big CHOMPS out of whole almonds.

Devourability: 3 out of 5

The devourability was moderate, nothing special... had a nibble now and then as I worked. The only reason I finished the chocolate pretty quickly was because the damn thing was MINUSCULE!!!!! I was left craving for more!

Frequency: 1 out of 5

With so many flavours to choose from, I doubt that the Bio Mandelsplitter will make it to the top of my craving list any time soon.

It also pains me to say this, but there is an INCREDIBLY CHEAP supermarket brand here by the name of ja! and their über-cheap 35 cent almond chocolate bars remind me an awful lot to the Bio Mandelsplitter. It's the overly chopped almonds, I say!

And with that last blasphemous statement, I can kiss the possibility of ever receiving a life-time supply of Ritter Sports good-bye.

Overall: 10.5 out of 20

(Wow! I'm a harsh critic...)

Not the most exciting chocolate bar of the bunch, but enjoyable nonetheless. Perhaps I would never buy one ever again, but I wouldn't be ANGRY if someone offered me a bit to share.

Here's a link to Dan's Mandelsplittastic review.

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