Sunday, April 6, 2008

Taking a CHOCOLATE plunge

My current love affair with Ritter Sport chocolates began about 4 months ago when I moved to Germany. In the past, I had never gravitated towards Ritter Sports whenever I saw them in a store because they were always “the foreign German” chocolate, which naturally made it rank higher in the “fancy” scale. But ever since I started this “foreign German” life of mine, Ritter Sports have simply become “chocolate”, and as a matter of fact, quite the accessible kind.

Grabbing one of those perfect Ritter Sport bars after lunch became quite a habit, and quite a decadent one at that, because rarely was I able to resist the urge of scoffing down the entire bar in one day. Especially in the beginning. Now I would like to think that I have developed SOME sort of self-control, and have evolved SLIGHTLY from the PRIMITIVE ANIMAL who just acts on PURE IMPULSE.

Soon enough, I had my little repertoire of favourite flavours: the Nugat, the Hallbitter, and the Dunkle Vol-Nuss, and I never went past that. It wasn’t until after a conversation with my friend Dan, a fellow Ritter Sport enthusiast, that I realized: There are a LOT of flavours that I am missing out on! Dan, you truly opened up the EYEBALLS on my TASTEBUDS to a WHOLE NEW WORLD!

This was when a chocolate coated light-bulb went off, and we decided to take on the entire PORTFOLIO of the Ritter Sport brand, and review EVERY SINGLE FLAVOUR, no matter how strange or bad it may sound!

It is great to have an accomplice to share this sugar-rushed guilt with. Woohoo!

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