Monday, April 7, 2008

Process of Das Ritter Sport Extravaganza

1. Put all the purchased Ritter Sport bars in one of our office drawers – all 19 standard flavours of ‘em, plus the luxury series, diet series (yeah, you read it right: the PROPOSTEROUS notion of diet chocolate sends tingling sensations of terror to my stomach) and the seasonal Special Editions.

2. Every day, we will close our greedy little beady eyes, reach into the drawer and randomly select the bar that we will eat and review that day.

3. Split the bar. (Once again, sharing the guilt is delightful!)

4. Chomp away and put those taste buds to good use.

5. Express our opinions through our respective blogs towards every single product of the Rittersport line, and thus become a true Ritter Sport Meister!

The criteria that will be used will be the following (as very well put by Dan):

Sweetness. Is it sugary and sweet like someone from San Diego, or is it dark and bitter like a JvM employee?

Texture. What does the chocolate feel like in your mouth? How does it 'bite' and how does it melt? is it gooey or crunchy or both? And more importantly, do you like it that way?

Are you satisfied with a little nip every now and then? Or do you want to cram that motherfucker in your mouth as fast as possible?

Frequency. Is this the kinda thing you're going to eat everyday? Or is this a once-in-a-while, just-because-it's-Tuedsay sorta thing?

Oh... Copywriters have such a sweet, sweet way with words.

First review coming up soon! YUMMERS!

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Calenna said...

Oooh yummy! What a fun experiment. I like the criteria you have here - will it be a numerical ranking scale? You should create some visual scales too for devourability, etc. Also - maybe you need to send out SAMPLES of Ritter Sport, and run USER POLLS on this blog. You can twist my arm to be a Ritter Sport product tester!!