Thursday, April 24, 2008

13. Neapolitaner Waffel (Flavour of the year!)

Dan and I are terrible human beings. Our REAL flavour of the day was the Diät Joghurt Ritter Sport. We both looked down at that dull white packaging in my guilty hand, gave each other a quick glance of utter disgust, and Dan growled: "Put that back RIGHT NOW!"

I gladly obeyed, and back into the box it went.

No point in ruining a perfectly beautiful sunny day, right? Of course, our biased thoughts could be completely wrong and the Diet series could be a chocolate wonder of the universe, but... NO! It is just not possible! Diet and Chocolate just don't belong together!

Anyway, the coy vermillion packaging of the Neapolitaner Waffel peeked at us, along with the gorgeous golden label that boasted: "Sorte des Jahres", or "Flavour of the year". We greedily grabbed it and smiled. It felt right.

Ugh, we are SOOOO going to get all the diet and "bad" flavours in the end, and we have noone but ourselves to blame for it. Oh well.

The Neapolitaner Waffel consists of two light wafer biscuits topped with a scrumptious thick layer of my favourite Ritter Sport ingredient: the nougat.

With that gleaming label, this chocolate bar has a HUGE reputation to live up to!

Sweetness: 4 out of 5

It was flirting dangerously with the borderline of being much TOO sweet, but no. That gently neutral wafer biscuit created some sort of barrier that stopped the nougat from overthrowing the balance of this delectable item.

Texture: 5 out of 5

The light crunchiness of wafer mixed with the creamy, rich, sweet nougat? My idea of HEAVEN!

*insert harps and angelic singing here*

Devourability: 5 out of 5

Being the "Flavour of the Year" made me want to savour it in a slower and more relaxed manner since it was such a "special" sweet.

But I couldn't control myself! I wanted more of that crunchy BITE, followed closely by the succulent creaminess of the hazelnut creme. MORE AND MORE AND MORE. I didn't want it to ever end, and I wanted to drown in an AVALANCHE of wafer mixed with smooth, smooth nougat!

And you know what? I STILL want MORE! In fact, methinks that I will grab another one of these tomorrow!

Frequency: 4.5 out of 5

Yes yes yes!

Overall: 18.5 out of 20

Oh how I would have loved it if this flavour hadn't lived up to its title. Oh how satisfying would it have been if I had had the opportunity to type a catty comment such as: "Yes Mr. Ritter, you think you know us and what we want in chocolate? Well, master chocolatier, think again. You couldn't be more wrong."

Of course it didn't happen, and I really want the Neapolitaner Waffel to be my best friend. Forever.


Sera said...

Oohh, I really want to give this one a go! Makes me cry on the inside that I can't find it in the US. T__T

tom eby said...

Ditto! But I actually don't really like chocolate. I've found it kinda a polarizing food (snack?flavor?seasoning?). I'm Much more a fruity guy (not like a 3-dollar bill), but this entry made me want to rush out and seek a fix! You and Dan are strange humans. HUmans used to live in Burg Eltz. Ask Dan about it.

cinabar said...

love your blog, really want to find this flavour!